Maria João


Maria João's third incursion into electric shenanigans, encourages you to open your mouth: to sing, to speak, to love and to fight against the powers that be. Explore, never settle and always be on the lookout for new things will always be our motto, so sometimes it might not be so easy to label us. Who needs labels anyway?


OGRE is now seeing itself head into a more urban, hip hopish groove oriented vibe that mixed with Maria João's inner child will take you for a spin around dreamy landscapes, dark mysterious forests, african pulses and even inside our trippy heads.


Besides the core ensemble consisting of João Farinha on keyboards/synths (also composing and producing!) and André Nascimento on electronic wizardry, this album has the priceless input of wonder drummer Silvan Strauss who never forgets to pack a punch! and to whom we owe a lot for this album's new sonical direction.


Maria João (PT) – vocals

João Farinha (PT) – keyboards / synthesizers (composition/musical production)

André Nascimento (PT) – laptop / electronics

Silvan Strauss (DE) – drums (musical production)


Maria João – Acute Angels

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