Expansion has become part of Gerald's artistic identity. His music is a celebration of the inherent differences in musical perspectives that promote true artistic synergy. 
With harmonic curiosity and critical awareness, the extraordinary and brilliant four-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist and composer develops musical narratives that unfold as a result of both deliberate searching and chance uncovering. 


On Tour in Europe 2020



The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (CHJO) is an awesome machine that has flourished over the course of 32 years under the inspired and dedicated leadership of John Clayton, Jeff Clayton and Jeff Hamilton. CHJO received its second Grammy nomination for their latest CD “LA Treasures” (Capri Records). CHJO toured successfully with Cecile McLorin Salvant in 2018. The orchestra has recorded with talented artists such as Paul McCartney, Charles Aznavour, Diana Krall, and Queen Latifah, for which John won a Grammy award. 


On Tour in Europe fall 2020


Defined by her unique style, Maria João became a mark in the improvied music scene. Her remarkable vocal ability and her singular interpretive intensity earned her the international recognition as one of the best singers worldwide. “A poesia de Aldir Blanc” sets out to bring the Brazilian Aldir Blanc's exquisite poetry to the spotlight. 


On Tour 2019/2020






André Mehmari is considered one of Brazil’s most talented and active musicians. His activities as pianist, composer, and arranger are highly regarded in both popular and classical music.


On Tour in Europe August/September 2019




New album “Unlikely”, out in May 2019 


The second album by Luxembourg trio Dock In Absolute offers further confirmation of their genre-shifting approach to trio jazz, with familiar bop elements intermingeld with classical, pop and post-rock elements. Pianist Jean-Philippe Koch's romantic melodism, bassist David Kintziger's flowing lyricism and percussionist Michel Mootz's approach to the whole kit as an integrated musical instrument yields up a sustained and often surprising beauty. 


On Tour in Europe 2019/2020




Connecting the Dots


The wonder of music is that it allows us to tap into a dimension where things are more connected thatn they may at first seem. Zohar Argov, Horace Silver, Rumi, Fairouz, an Italian neighborhood in NY and a city in Uzbekistan – these are just some of the people and places that have inspired this brand new album Connecting The Dots. 


Guy Mintus is an Israeli born New York based pianist, composer & educator active in Jazz, World Music and contemporary scenes. His musical influences are borderless and bring together elements from Stride piano to Turkish Makams, Indian rhythms to Bach-styled conterpoint, Jewish melodies and American jazz standards that are seamlessly weaved together into his own signature style.


On Tour in Europe 2019/2020