Maria João and Carlos Bica Quartet

Maria João and Carlos Bica are two inescapable artists when it comes to Portuguese jazz!

The collaboration between these two references in Portuguese jazz dates back to the 1980s and was recorded on the albums “Conversa” (1986) and “Sol” (1991).

After 10 years playing together and many concerts all over the world, their paths parted. Now, 25 years later, they get together again with the complicity of André Santos (guitar) and João Farinha (piano & keys), two of the most talented musicians of a new generation of Portuguese musicians, to share the songs of the world on stage.

Maria João, a singer with a signature style, has become a reference in the field of improvised music. A remarkable vocal capacity and a singular interpretative intensity earned her not only international recognition but also a place in the gallery of the best singers of today. Unanimous in their applause, critics and public alike have named her “a voice taken to the ultimate consequences”, declaring her “a singer who never stops evolving”. Maria João's career has been marked by her participation in the most prestigious music festivals in the world. She is also the only Portuguese artist to have been nominated for the European Jazz Prize.
Carlos Bica is one of the few Portuguese musicians who has achieved international projection and has become a reference on the European Jazz scene. Among the various musical projects he leads and apart from his participations in other areas such as theatre, cinema and dance, his trio AZUL with guitarist Frank Möbus and drummer Jim Black, has become the bassist and composer's brand image.
Line up:
Maria João – Vocals
Carlos Bica – Doublebass
André Santos (or Gonçalo Neto) – Guitar
João Farinha – Piano & keys