Making a Gershwin album in 2020 is important for Guy Mintus as an Israeli and Jewish person who've spent quite a big part of his life in NY. It is a way to highlight and celebrate the long tradition of Jewish-African American „allyship", very much present the lineage of Gershwin who fought for integration of African Americans in the opera world (Gershwin refused to premiere Porgy & Bess at the Metropolitan as they wouldn't include african americans in their productions when the opera was written) and was the first composer to write anti-war musicals.

„My relationship to Rhapsody in Blue is kind of special having performed it for my first time with Bayerische Philharmonie at a concert commemorating 70 years for a concert Leonard Bernstein gave in Landsberg with the Displaced Person's orchestra (comprised of survivors of world war II). Since then I've got to perform it with several orchestras, dozens of solo concerts and even in the salon of Jamie & Nina Bernstein, the daughters of the great maestro.“ says Guy Mintus. 

The new album will be released in September 2020. The release tour is planed for fall 2020. 


Please watch and listen: