Gerald Clayton

Gerald Clayton understands that any successful artistic venture requires absorbing as much as expressing. It also means maintaining a state of open-mindedness and respect for the musical input and exchanges with other artists. Gerald is one of the most versatile, creative and virtuosic pianists and composers of his generation. He mixes genres and blurs boundaries between more familiar musical categories. Gerald enriches the art form in ways never previously imagined. His music is always exciting, inspirational, full of depth and fed by a strong, artistic energy. 
In the spring of 2021, Gerald Clayton will tour in the company of his friends and creative partners. This tour will mark the release of his new project „Happening“.  This album marks the completion of Gerald's childhood dream, a live recording at New York’s famed Village Vanguard. 
Please listen to Gerald’s new music!
NEW PROJECT - "White Cities" Featured Promo Video