The Baylor Project, featuring Jean Baylor and Marcus Baylor, is a highly anticipated production that is steeped in the heart and soul of Jazz.   

The husband and wife team is made up of world-class drummer Marcus Baylor and out-of-this-world vocalist Jean Baylor.

Their innovation and talent are intimately entwined, and their combined musicianship is unmatched. Their dynamic performances have been called "soulful to the bone." 

As you listen to The Baylor Project, you will be taken on an eclectic musical journey that showcases as much versatility as it does virtuosity.

The Baylor Project pays homage to their wide ranging musical influences – including jazz, R&B/soul, and gospel. They generate an eclectic sound whose overall effect is spiritual, buoyant, and feel good music. 


Soulful. Melodic. Authentic. The Baylor Project.


A husband. A wife. An astonishing debut. 

“The Baylor Project's music is indeed soul food!”