Maria João

Maria João's „A Poesia de Aldir Blanc" sets out to bring Aldir Blanc's exquisite poetry to the spotlight.
Known best for the disruptive style in which he approaches the written language, Aldir leads the words he uses to its almost complete deconstruction, elevating not only the meaning of the word itself, but also digging up all the emotional weight it can muster.
The narrative, the characters, the sounds and themes chosen by Aldir in his poetry, and the irreverence with which he uses them, have made his voice one of the most singular presence within contemporary music.
Defined by her unique style, Maria João became a mark in the improvised music scene. Her remarkable vocal ability and her singular interpretive intensity earned her the international recognition as one of best singers worldwide. Unanimous applause, criticism and public opinion have named her "a voice taken to the last consequences", declaring her "a singer who does not stop evolving".
Please listen to her music and watch Canção do Lobisomem: